The Eternal Castle: REMASTERED Wiki

Fragments are radiant: collect all of them to get back home.


  1. flower
  2. on the pc / room
  3. in the bedroom (I'm happy)
  4. sub1: where is the sticky bomb
  5. sub1: powerline on the table
  6. Sub1: bandits building: center
  7. sub1: above the gas station
  8. Sub1: corner checkpoint on the bottom left corner
  9. Sub1: fort casetta 1
  10. sub1: fort casetta 3
  11. Sub1: enemy post
  12. sewers: angle above the lever
  13. village: below by the men
  14. village: in the bedroom
  15. village: in electrical installations
  16. village: among the people in the upper room
  17. village: above the dragon before going down
  18. City building: trash
  19. Cit: citadel beginning on the tower
  20. cit: from the type of tea
  21. cit: under the type of tea
  22. cit: from the piscione
  23. Cit: generic 01
  24. Cit: generic 13
  25. Cit generic 14 above
  26. temple: on spines check 1 spikes
  27. temple: waterfall high angle left next to the thorns
  28. temple: updown 02
  29. To the left of the fallen spacecraft
  30. All right room A.I.